How Safe Is Your House

More than 460,000 homes become victims of burglary every year, and 85 percent of break-ins are because of lock snapping. Your door lock may feel solid and look great, but having a good-looking lock is not enough to ensure your house’s safety. What’s the use of a lock if an intruder can disable it without a much hassle?

Ultion locks can be the best choice for anyone who keeps their house safety on top priority. They comprise several quality features that aim to provide uninterrupted and unbeaten security and protection for any property. You can use it for all doors because they work as hidden attack locks.      

Ultion Locks contain at least six anti-drill safety steel pins that are virtually unbreakable. When an Ultion lock detects a burglary attack, it immediately activates lockdown mode, engaging the lock from inside. The hidden firing pin in the core of the lock then protects the central cam, stopping the burglar from being able to unlock the door.

Most homeowners have installed into their doors are confident about their home safety because they get a £1000 Guarantee. It means if a burglary happens within ten years after you have installed an Ultion lock and the burglar does it through lock snapping, the company will pay you a £1000.

Moreover, an Ultion lock has a unique key combination that is hard to make a copy. It allows you to make the Key Control active, helping you make sure that nobody can make a copy of your keys without your consent. With an Ultion lock, you can simplify your life by protecting every door of your property with Ultion locks.

Lastly, you can also take advantage of Ultion smart locks that come with Danalock technology, Sweet door furniture, and Ultion 3 star security. Equipped with modern technology and easy-to-use features, these locks help you unlock your doors using compatible apps.

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