Removing Heat From Sealed Enclosures

Electronic power supplies are often required to perform in extremely harsh environments. Whether their telecommunications base stations or the start of a smart electricity grid, there are steep demands for managing seats with electronic devices. In order for electronic equipment to continue operating under reliable standards in remote locations, there needs to be a sealed enclosure that can prevent heat build-up, moisture, and dust from entering into the system. Balancing thermal management as well as sealing off electronics from outside contaminants can be a true challenge of this industry.

One of the most common solutions is to cool a power supply in a sealed enclosure with convection cooled power supply units. Taking a power supply that is rated to perform at 50°C in an and in temperature and adding a power supply cooling unit can make sure that the device can perform more reliably.

When higher power limits are required for smart grid infrastructure or telecoms, it’s likely that convection cooling will not be able to handle the heat of a 1000 W cooled supply. Upgrades to convection cooling through improved baseplate cooling and filtered airflow to the sealed unit can make sure that there is an inexpensive solution for removing the heat from a sealed enclosure without exposing electronics.

Baseplate power supply coolers are some of the easiest solutions. Metal base plates are rapidly cooled and connected to the heat sink to draw heat out of the unit. External heat sinks can also be added with addition to baseplate cooling to offer a better temperature rating.

These are the required solutions for a variety of electronic devices today. If you would like to learn more about how you could remove heat from sealed structures and electronics contact us for more information.

This post was written by Justin Tidd, Director at Swartz Engineering. For nearly a half a century, Swartz Engineering has been at the forefront of industry safety. They are a family-owned company specializing in power distribution for the electrical industry. Our design ensures maximum flexibility for excellent reliability and a high return on investment. Click here for more information

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