The Threat in the Business Industry: Malware Attacks

In a business or an organization, it’s very critical to put up a brand of the product. It takes months, or even years to gain trust from the customers to put up a reputable brand. It require years of expertise and challenge in the industry to build a foundation for one’s business brand.

Cyber criminals nowadays are getting more intelligent and tougher on what they do. They are studying everything about their company target or business especially if they will gain large amount of money from it.

Brand Associated Malware Attacks

Brand associated malware attacks is now a threat in the business industry. Businessmen would not want to lessen the value of their brands by these criminals in just a short period of time.

A malware is a short term for malicious software that is made by cyber criminals. It is commonly installed in their victim’s system without consent to harm its programs. These are in forms of computer viruses, ransomwares, Trojan horses and spywares.

Brand associated malware attacks are usually in a form of malware emails. These are masked as an email from a reputable brand so there’s a high chance that the recipient would click every attachments on it. For example, a malware email from cyber criminals disguised as a branded email from a bank with attachments of new terms and conditions for credit card holders. The recipient will be asked to agree on these by entering bank account numbers, passwords and confidential data and to accept the new terms and conditions. Counterpart of the success of these brand associated malware attacks is the brand erosion for the organization. These could also damages the email marketing channel and could lead to a more serious problem.

How to Prevent these Attacks?

Cyber criminals target most the trusted brands from huge companies and organizations such as telecommunications, bank and manufacturing businesses that has millions of served customers. It is important for an organization to have an anti-malware protection and prevention services. Criminals can attack even at night so it would be a great help to have a 24 x 7 proactive monitoring to detect attacks immediately. There are also services that guarantee 100% take down of malicious sites and phishing. It is a big help for the organization to have a comprehensive malware security.

On the side of the costumers and consumers, it is more essential to be aware always of the red flags in every email. Do not open any attachments from a suspected malware email even if it came from a reputable brand. Brand associated malware attacks will not be successful if consumers and organizations will detect its fraudulent activity as early as possible and shut it down immediately.

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