What Are The Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is not something a man would want to encounter at any point of his life. Though this bodily disorder was always related to the old age where the veins responsible for supplying blood to penis loosen up as the muscles doesn’t stay rigid. But modern day lifestyle and bad habits are resulting into more young people falling prey to this such an embarrassing disorder. There are many reasons because of which a man can get erectile dysfunction disorder so the first thing a person has to do is to visit a doctor and follow his instructions.

The doctor can prescribe medicines like Viagra or generic Cialis as per the severity of the symptoms or can suggest surgery in rare cases. Cialis generic or Viagra are known to erect the penis and the person can indulge in sexual activity. But medicines are not the only treatment a person with erectile dysfunction can rely on. There are many other alternatives available in the form of vacuum devices, yoga, exercises which can help a person get rid of ED to some extent.

Erectile dysfunction is not always visible all of a sudden but there are certain situations which can lead to a person acquiring erectile dysfunction. For example a person going through a lot of stress due to personal or official work starts to witness release of stress hormones which plunges the desire of indulging in sexual activities. Even if a person is going through emotional setbacks the psychological level of the person gets severely affected which curbs the desire of a person for sexual activities.

So we cannot say that erectile dysfunction results only because of physical deficiencies then it’s absolutely not correct. Both mental and physical factors are responsible for the development of erectile dysfunction. One thing that is quite evident in the development of erectile dysfunction is that it doesn’t occur all of a sudden but either psychological or physical factors lead to its development over of a period of time.

So when can we say a person is suffering from erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is not only about getting and maintaining erection but it is beyond it. So the first thing you have to consider is the time duration for which you are not been able to maintain erection. You are only affected with erectile dysfunction if since a long time you are not been able to achieve complete erection and hold it for a longer period despite the fact you have steep desire to indulge in sexual encounter at that moment.

So even if you have a desire to do sexual activity you are not been able to maintain erection is the first warning sign that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Second thing is that, if you have achieved a partial erection but cannot maintain it throughout the intercourse and not been able to ejaculate. This is another warning sign that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Beside this if the frequency of these symptoms is very regular you are definitely suffering from ED and you should consult a doctor straight away.

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