Why outdoor signage is as important as your business website

You know that you need a website, but have you ever paid attention to your outdoor signage in the same way?

If your business has a geographic customer base, you must take your signage seriously. Let’s look at some of the key reasons.


This is the first and most obvious reason to have physical signage, as your customers and prospects simply won’t be able to find your business easily unless there is clear signposting. Make your font large enough, avoid fancy serifs, and minimise the information on the sign to make it as readable as possible, especially if much of your traffic comes by road. A graphic designer will produce the optimum layout and size.

Immediacy and the spontaneous visit

Have you ever walked past a beautiful-looking business premise and decided to walk inside? So have many customers. It is worth maximising the visual appeal of your business real estate with great signs that speak of the brand promise.

Brand promise

Great signage is well branded, beautifully printed, attractive, and designed to convey the credentials of the business and its brand values at a glance. Again, use a professional designer and production company to ensure you are promoting the right message to your customers through your signage.

Outdoor signage links your channels

Smart marketers know that they need to maximise their activity both online and offline. If you invest in great outdoor signs, this will reinforce the online experience and bring the brand together in your customers’ minds, offering them different routes of engagement.


In a heavily competitive space, such as a retail park or high street, great signage can help your business to stand out. Think carefully about placement and lighting to ensure it has the right impact.

Signage options

There are a huge range of signage types for physical premises of all kinds and for exhibitions, events and pop-ups; for example, standard fixed signage is popular for shops and leisure facilities, while digital signage, such as the digital signage solutions found at Moodmedia, are very popular for campaigns and events where the information is likely to change regularly.

Contact a professional sign supplier and they will be able to carry out an audit of your needs and advise on the best solutions for your business.

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