2 Job Search Techniques that Will Revolutionize Your Career

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that many people’s job-hunting strategies are ineffective. Not only that, most people follow a formulaic process that is pre-destined for failure. The process usually starts out with tediously updating every detail on one’s resume.

After that comes the extensive amount of job posts one will sift through, finding only a few that can be appropriately responded to. Once those posts are found, people fill out banal – and typically useless or condescending – job applications and then await a company’s response.

Most of the time, these responses are rejection-oriented; indeed most executive search firm helps to find the best candidate in large-scale company settings, so they’re likely to be very selective and only pay attention to extremely eye-catching applications that have already been flagged.

While it isn’t entirely futile – sometimes this call-and-respond game works quite well – you are inevitably reducing the odds of getting a callback in a timely fashion. No doubt, hundreds, if not thousands, of people are doing the exact same thing at the exact same time. Any given recruitment team is probably already bored or frustrated with reading these kinds of applications.

This is all to say that it’s necessary to get a little creative. Be unconventional and fun. Here, then, are a few helpful tips to get your resume and application noticed amidst a sea of bland, self-aggrandizing write-ups.

  1. Socialize and Network

Making meaningful connections with other people is perhaps the most effective way to not only be perceived as a qualified, top candidate, but to effectively land a job on the spot. The best way to do this isn’t simply by going to mixers and business-casual events. All fun and games simply won’t work in our current job market.

The best way to meet people is by attending conferences in the field you’re hoping to break in to. Not only will this benefit you intellectually and socially, you’ll gain amazing new skills and learn about the hottest trends in your field while doing it.

Conferences usually show-off top talents, so you should be able to connect with folks in powerful positions who can offer you a variety of opportunities. After doing a few rounds at a conference and connecting with some new people, you should at least get an interview. If that isn’t the case, just know it never hurts to have more people in your roster of connections.

  1. Make a Name for Yourself

Beyond socializing and networking are the perks and quirks of professionalization. This includes publishing articles as much as possible – be it in your own personal blog or through a widely-read publication. Having a voice could ultimate change everything for you – it connects you to other keen individuals and demonstrates the kinds of knowledge you have at your disposal, which always makes for an attractive candidate.

Sometimes making a name for yourself has little to do with branding an identity, but rather, understanding who you are and who you want to be – this means that you shouldn’t focus on getting just any job, but applying for specific things.

To realize where you want your name to be seen and what kind of applications are appropriate for you, you’ll be doing everyone a favour. This will, moreover, allow you to take on lists of companies who you could potentially view as future employers or allies. With these tips in mind, you should be a top candidate in no time at all.


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