Top 10 ways to motivate your employees- a tour to employee motivation management

Employee motivation management is a vast and versatile subject to look for. A diverse subject needs a better and deep understanding for implementing it into routine practice. This article is an amalgamation of both, in which we will be providing several ways for you for employee motivation management as well as how simple it can work as magic.

If you are looking for ways to motivate your employees at work, here are the 10 simple ways of making it work:

  1. Employee motivation surveys:

A business platform should use an online survey software or platform to conduct employee motivation surveys.

  1. Employee satisfaction surveys:

Employee satisfaction and motivation depend on a ton of factors such as work environment, infrastructure, roles, responsibilities, etc. Conducting employee satisfaction surveys will help managers and leaders to understand dissatisfaction factors and act on them.

  1. Job well done- recognize it!

Recognition helps and valuation create a healthy bond between the employer and employees.

  1. Focus on intrinsic rewards:

Extrinsic rewards fade very quickly. Focus on motivating the employees from within. Try with some innovation as well.

  1. Autonomy, not bureaucracy:

Micromanagement is the worst thing you can do as a manager. If you have hired an employee with a certain skill set let them do their job, be a facilitator, not a dictator. Employee motivation management here works in a different manner.

  1. Create an amazing and soothing work environment:

Creating a positive atmosphere will motivate your staff.

  1. Be a visionary:

Lead with vision. Goals are important Employees need to know their efforts are driving something important. The employees need to know their destination and more importantly the path that will take them there.

  1. Solicit ideas and suggestions, act on them:

Now that you have conducted surveys, you have received feedback from the employees. Ensure that the ideas, any suggestions, grievances, and even positive words that they have put forth will look into and addressed in a timely fashion.

  1. Career-pathing:

Having a career growth planning and ideology with clearly mentioned roles and responsibilities is crucial to employees. Therefore, make sure that you sit down with every employee and come up with a career and a goal plan that is transparent and communicated clearly.

  1. Provide flexibility:

Not all employees are alike. Therefore, you should allow some flexibility within reason and your employees will be happy and motivated

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