How to Avoid Being a Victim of Cyber Bullying?

Dear worried parent of kids in today’s cyber generation…

Working online means you have to take care of your security too. There are many issues that people face while working online.

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As a parent, you always want to make absolutely sure that you’re doing everything you can to protect your kids, especially when it comes to bullying.

That’s because bullying and harassment have been modernized and supercharged, and they’re more dangerous now than ever before.

Find out what it really takes to be sure your kids are safe online. Help them find a way out of this nightmare, before things get totally out of control.

What Studies Show?

  • Recent studies have shown us that 13% of teens have already received threatening emails and text messages.
  • Over 15% of teens say they’ve had their private conversations posted online for all to see.
  • And 13% of teens have had false rumors spread about them somewhere online.

The situation is already pretty bad, and it continues to grow worse every day like cancer spreading through the body.

How to Avoid it? What Actions to Take?

  • A third of all those who have experienced cyber bullying never report it to anyone. Parents obviously don’t know what questions they need to ask their kids to get them to open up. They don’t even know how to begin a constructive conversation about this issue and get the ball rolling.
  • Many think that just installing a computer program is all it takes to ensure their kids are safe. They don’t realize they need a comprehensive strategy to fight this complex problem. And they suffer the consequences because of it.
  • There are many ways kids can be bullied, and recognizing what the problem is can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Parents don’t understand the internet bullying tactics that are used to harm their kids, even when they’re not online.
  • Most parents wouldn’t be able to determine what is actually happening to their kids that are causing them so much pain and anxiety. They couldn’t even begin to decide which steps they needed to take to address the problem and fix it correctly.
  • A huge mistake. Most teachers are way too busy to give each student the supervision they need in today’s classrooms. Some won’t even admit that there’s a problem at all.
  • Even parents and teachers who communicate well are still unclear on how to work effectively together on this matter.
  • Busy parents have very little time to devote to supervising all their kids activities and they need an easy to use system that keeps track of everything for them.
  • There are several different types of cyber bullying. You’ve got to be able to analyze the situation quickly and then figure out exactly what’s going on. Only then can you apply the right strategy to deal with it effectively.
  • You can now help to make them feel safer in a much more positive learning environment. Find out how to give your kids the needed confidence and the know-how to deal with an attack from a cyber bully on their own, without your involvement.
  • Learn what to do if you suspect that your child is the one doing the bullying. Sadly, many victims of cyber bullying end up becoming offenders in a doomed attempt to heal themselves by hurting others
  • This problem needs a well-rounded system of prevention and protection that’s easy to use and adapt for any situation.
  • Give your entire family the confidence that’s needed to be honest and open with each other about this issue. Teach yourself and your kids how to work together effectively on the solution until the cyber bullying finally stops.

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  • Give your kids the needed skills and required knowledge to help them deal with every cyber bully they come across. Teach your kids how to have the right attitude about the experience so that they can heal from it much faster and avoid the lasting effects.
  • Find out what the police will need from you to help them with their investigation. Learn how to make sure that police are still on the case and working hard to catch the cyber bully that went too far with your family.
  • You could even consider therapy for your kids since they won’t be struggling with the psychological damage inflicted on them through repeated online harassment.

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