The Process of Having A Building Built

When you own a business, you may find that after a while as it grows and expands, you may need to move your operation into a larger facility to meet the demands of your customers. Although there are many factories and retail buildings that are available for purchase or rent, you may have decided to have a building built from the ground up to get the space you want. The first thing you should do is to contact structural engineers to see if what you are dreaming of is possible. They will be able to tell you what type of building can be put together to fit your business. If it is a large company with a lot of equipment that needs to be housed within it, they can let you know the type of structure you will need to have built.

How to Start Your Building Process

After you have consulted with an engineering firm, you should contact several real estate companies in order to find out about vacant property that is for sale within your area. The property will need to be classified as a commercial piece for you to have a business there. After you have found the right piece of land, in the right location, you can then talk to many contractors to find the one who can do the job you need done. Commercial contractors have done this type of work many times and they will be able to give you the building you have been wanting.

Inspections as the Work Proceeds

Once you have contracted with a company to have the work done, you will want to visit the job site many times to see that it is progressing to your satisfaction. If you have any issues when you conduct your inspection, you should speak to the contractor and have them make any changes you want. You may also want to have the architect who designed the building accompany you on these inspections to get his opinion on the work. The city or town you are in will also conduct their own inspections periodically to see that it is being put up according to building codes.

After the Work Is Completed

The work cannot be completed until after you have signed off on the contract. Therefore, it is very important that any problems or checklist items you may have are corrected prior to your signing. Your contractor should give you any reports it has received from the city or town officials and the Certificate of Occupancy should be turned over to you. If after you have signed off on the contract, you find that there are any issues that need to be addressed, contact your contractor to have them fixed.

If you have chosen to build your own building, be aware that this will take a long time. The rules that apply to commercial property are much different than residential properties. Check with your contractor on what is expected.

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