How hosted telephony can help call centres

Call centres are complex to run; however, it is possible to make it much easier to manage them effectively with hosted telephony solutions.

Here is a look at the key benefits VoIP brings to the table and why relying on a third-party provider to host the infrastructure is a sensible step.


The key reason that many call centre operators choose to embrace hosted telephony is that it offers the opportunity to avoid all the restrictions associated with relying on a fixed set of hardware in-house.

A cloud-powered VoIP service will be able to scale according to your needs. If you add more employees, integrate teams from other locations, deal with peak periods of demand or see a drop in call volumes, hosted telephony will adapt accordingly.


Cloud-based VoIP is not locked to a specific geographic location; therefore, you can target different regions with a specific area code on the fly rather than calling from an out-of-town number that will look suspicious to prospective customers.

With a wholesale AZ VoIP termination solution from a provider such as, call centres will be freed from the bonds of their physical position and have a better chance of targeting a broader audience.

This freedom also means that call forwarding is much easier. This enables you to route inbound calls intelligently and make sure they get to the right person, whether they are at their desk, at home or on the move.


The cost of maintaining in-house hardware to handle calls is significant in its own right. Actually buying the systems and upgrading them in the future can be prohibitively expensive.

With hosted telephony, the provider bears all these expenses and charges business clients a straightforward monthly subscription fee for the service, with no hidden costs and no nasty surprises.

Security is a concern for many considering VoIP. Thankfully, this is also something that providers have the resources to manage effectively, minimising threats and keeping customers safe from malicious third parties.


Older telephone systems can be tricky to manage and do not feature the most user-friendly interfaces in the world. With a hosted VoIP solution, it should be simple to familiarise staff with the features and cut out a lot of the usual complications that can arise over time.

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