Why you should add lining to your new van

Ply lining is not always offered as an option by van manufacturers, but it can be added affordably once you’ve taken delivery of a new LCV.

Here are the main reasons why this type of system is worthy of investment and why you should take the plunge today.

It Preserves the Van’s Physical Integrity

Bumps and scrapes caused by equipment and cargo stored and transported in a van are inevitable, but it is better that these impacts and abrasions do damage to the ply lining, rather than the metal body of the vehicle.

This is important for two reasons: firstly it means that the van will remain reliable for a longer period and secondly it means that its value will depreciate less rapidly than if it was accumulating damage that was expensive to repair. With new van sales slipping, this is a relevant concern.

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It Stops Rust & Leaks

Any dents or dings to a panel van can lead to rust forming and leaks being sprung, but with vanlining from sites like http://www.vehicle-accessories.net/Security/Van-Locks you can shield the panelling from such disasters.

Even if you are not intending to sell the van any time soon, it makes sense to think about the running costs and the potential expense associated with having to patch problems like this. It is better to take preventative action than pay out further down the line.

It Looks Professional

A ply-lined van that is better able to handle the wear and tear of daily use will not just stay resilient on the inside, but will also look better on the outside.

This is important for businesses, as your van is effectively the public face of your organisation. If it looks like it has been through the wars, prospective customers may not feel inclined to get in touch.

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An LCV which is not being compromised internally by shifting loads and heavy kit will stay looking shiny and new for longer. Presentation is important and looking professional is all about appearances, so ply lining can be a big help in this respect.

Because ply lining will not break the bank and could actually lead to cost savings over time, it is an easy investment to justify. If you have just purchased a new van, there is little excuse to overlook this addition.


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