Do Microwave Ovens Destroy Crucial Food Nutrients?

It has been long since the microwaves were first introduced in the market. Today microwave oven is a standard for every house. Yet, there are still some myths and false errands about microwave ovens. Many people believe that cooking or heating food in a microwave oven is not safe. But this is not true at all. Microwaves are innovated for not only making cooking convenient but also to keep food healthy. In this article, some very common and popular myths about microwave have been discussed with facts that these myths hold no ground.

Microwave Ovens Destroy All the Nutrients:

A microwave oven uses electromagnetic radiations to heat and cooks food; so many people believe that these radiations destroy all the essential nutrients of food. But is it true? No, it’s merely a fact. Food cooked or heated in a microwave oven is more nutrients enriched than cooked otherwise. The reason is simple & logical. First, there is no flame or direct heat applied to foods which means no burning of nutrients. The waves penetrate inside food particles and heat it via motion. Secondly, the heating or cooking time in a microwave is reduced. Another fact is the low temperature. The temperature maintained in microwaves is not more than the boiling point of water. Due to less heat or cooking time, the nutrients are retained in food as compared to prolonged cooking on flame or in an oven.

Microwave only means heating food

Another myth about these small microwave ovens is it can be used for only heating food & leftovers, and it is not true. Although the microwave has no flame and temperature is low but you can still not only cook food but can bake some cakes & muffins too. It is one of the reasons why microwaves are present in every other house. You can search multiple dishes on the internet which you can cook or bake in the microwave.

Micro radiations cause Cancer

One of the most popular myths about microwaves is that its rays are harmful and causes cancer. But the reality is different. The radiations which are produced in the microwave have short wavelengths which are penetrated in food. These wavelengths are just like light waves which are emitted from light bulbs. So it means that these micro radiations are not cancer causing and does not harm you.

Microwaves have been declared safe & healthy to use, but you have to make some precautions such as wearing gloves before taking the dish out, avoiding overheating of water in a cup etc. shop the best microwave oven models at amazing deals today!

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