How to keep your restaurant chefs content in their jobs

It is very inconvenient when one of your chefs is unhappy and decides to quit, as this can throw the restaurant into chaos and put a dampener on your business.

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The British Hospitality Association published a report last year that suggested the industry could suffer greatly by 2029 and the number of people choosing to become chefs or stay in the industry will reduce significantly; therefore, is very important to help your chefs to be content in their job. This will avoid high turnover and help the business to run as smoothly as possible.

Let your chefs have some fun

A chef’s work is very important and can often be the deciding factor as to whether the restaurant becomes successful; however, it doesn’t always need to be so serious. Letting your chefs have fun can have beneficial results. There are many ways to do this – allowing them to play music, host competitions and create their own dishes are just a few.

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If one of your chefs has done particularly well recently, offer them a reward. This encourages them to work harder in the future and will make them feel appreciated. A good way to keep your chefs happy and to stay working at your restaurant longer is to offer rewards for longevity. Perhaps every six months or a year, give them a pay rise or an extra day’s holiday. Doing so could help to save your restaurant the time and money required to find and train a new chef, as it will encourage your chefs to stay working for you longer.

Good equipment

This one isn’t always possible and is dependent on your budget; however, having great kitchen equipment can affect how your chefs find their jobs. Equipment such as a saladette counter from a supplier such as can help to make the cooking process run a lot smoother, as they are easily able to access ingredients and keep things organised.

Allow many breaks

Being a chef can be very stressful and tiring. Make sure your chefs are getting a good number of breaks throughout their shift to prevent this, which your staff will appreciate. In some restaurants, you will find that the chefs can be overworked, which could make them unhappy in their job.


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