Signs that you need a new drive

Think your driveway is looking a bit tired? Have you had it for years and years? There will come a time when resurfacing just won’t cut it anymore and it’s time for to install a new one. It’s a significant investment, but if you’ve noticed any of the following issues, then it’s time:

  1. Disrepair following winter

Winter can be tough on our driveways with wind, rain, ice and snow beating down on it continually. When the sun comes out in spring, is your driveway a bad sight? Winter wears out our driveways, deteriorating it over time. Melting moisture seeps through the top of your driveway and when the temperatures drop again, this moisture freezes within the material of your drive. When water freezes, it expands, leading to pressure and cracks in your concrete.

Any de-icer used on the outside of your vehicle will also freeze on impact with your driveway and even grit or salt can do damage to the surface layer of a concrete driveway. Sealing can help prevent suchdamage but only for so long. Eventually, the time will come to lay a new drive.


  1. Ruins your kerb appeal

Let’s be honest. Does your driveway look good? If the answer is no, then it’s time for action. If there are cracks, crumbling, oil stains and faded patches, it can be affecting the exterior kerb appeal of your property.

People will judge a home on first impressions and as the drive is often the first thing people see of your home, an ugly one will not give off a very good first impression. This split-second evaluation is even more important for businesses or those trying to sell their property. Don’t let a shabby driveway deter potential buyers or business customers. A nice, shiny new drive will instantly make you feel proud of your property again and encourage others to think positively about it too. This is the perfect time to sort out your garage too. Make it tidy and organised with Industrial Shelving Ireland from

  1. Resurfacing only lasts so long

If you’ve patched up holes and cracks in the past, this was a short-term solution you can’t always rely on anymore. Your DIY patches probably don’t match the materials used by the professionals who laid it, leading a bumpy, uneven and mismatched appearance.

Any DIY attempts are probably also not skilful enough to fill every gap or nook in the tarmac, meaning water can seep into the material, resulting in even more cracks in the not-too-distant future. Soon, you’ll need to break the cycle of patch-up work and replace the driveway completely.

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  1. Worn out

Nothing lasts forever and whatever was used to make your driveway will break down and deteriorate over time. Think of what a driveway goes through and you might understand when it’s time for a new lease of life. Driveways are exposed to:


Variations in temperature

UV rays

Lots of footfall and vehicle access


Heavy loads.


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