Getting The Right Network Performance Tools

Getting clients on the wireless networking is going to be a big part of your job as a network administrator. It involves getting portable devices that employees can utilize because many employees are mobile. They may not stay in the office on a regular basis, and it becomes your job to make sure that these customers have access to the network during these times. Some network administrators will outsource their wireless network and get third-party vendors that handle all of wireless troubleshooting. There are network administrators that want to focus solely on wired connections that involve CAT-5 or CAT-6 cables. For this they may be accustomed to troubleshooting issues with network connectivity that runs from a switch back to a router. With these things administrators may be able to troubleshoot the issues on their own, but wireless issues may cause a whole other problem. The Authentication Of Wireless Network Devices When you are dealing with multiple access points inside of a business there may be things like CHAP authentication and communication issues between the router and the wireless network device controller that may be outside of your scope or skill level. For places like this you may want to incorporate network software that can help you pinpoint what your problems are. Even if you are outsourcing to another team you should have a specific problem that you need to take care of. This cuts down on the amount of troubleshooting that the outsources vendor has to do, and it also cuts down on the amount of money that you will have to pay for the vendor to correct these issues. Paying Attention To the End Users You may not realize it, but end user performance monitoring tools are going to be vital when it comes to network maintenance. There are no limits to the amount of damage that end users can do to a network. In addition to monitoring your wired and wireless network you also need to be able to monitor the desktops and mobile devices for your end users. Is good to have a clear view of files that your end users are putting on your network. There may be times where you need to block what your end users are able to see or download as well. The Best Network Performance Tools In order to do this, you are going to need performance tools. It’s important to have the right tools that can help you detect when there is an intrusion on your network. You need to stop any type of network issues that may cause latency on your network. Connecting The Dots For Your Network In order to connect the dots for networking you need to be able to get to a dashboard system that allows you to see everything that is going on in terms of servers, switches, routers and end-user devices. When you have a clear view of the network issues you have a better chance of building a network that is going to support an expansion. Every network has to grow at some point, but you must fix the issues that you have before you expand.

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