Tuning your Drums- A Short Guide

The sound of a drummer’s drum is one of the most vital defining characteristics of their sound. Therefore, keeping the drum in tune is of the utmost importance. In requires some practice to master the art of tuning a drum kit, but it is an excellent skill to have, whether you are just starting out as a drummer or touring professionally. How often should you tune your drums? This will depend on several factors:

The Kind of Music you Play

Every drum set sounds different in an indie rock band than in a jazz or punk band. Whatever genre you play, listen to some similar music to see how the drums sound. Play yourself and then analyze what you hear. Are the toms resonant and higher or thumpy and low? Does the snare sound low or high, muted or resonant? This can help you tuning your drum kit.

How Often do you Play?

Drums tend to go out of tune if they are played for a long time. Unless they are abandoned for months, they will not go out of tune. If you play your drums thrice a week, it is a good idea to choose a day every week or every other week for tuning your drums. Professional musicians often tune their drums twice a week to get the best sound for their performance. Most importantly, the frequency of tuning your drum kit will also depend on the style you want to play.

Replace your Drum heads

If you are not getting the tune you want from your drum kit, it might be time for you to change a head. This usually happens because the head is riddled with stick indentations or broken. Drum heads might be a bit expensive, but a head change can make your drums sound better, as compared to an older head.

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