Differences between Semi-Automatic and Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

If you’ve already established that your organization needs a liquid filling machine, you’ve probably hit another wall having to decide between semi-automatic and automatic liquid fillers. They are not the same and they have different names for a reason.

Core Differences

In general, the essential difference is in the amounts of volume you need. If you have shorter runs for smaller and medium batches, the semi-automatic is a better option, but if you have larger amounts and longer runs, it is better to get a fully automatic liquid filling machine. However, there are additional differences you need to understand.

Semi-Automatic liquid filling machines

Semi-automatic fillers are more affordable and designed for:

  1. Smaller batches that can vary from 100 ml up to 1.1l.
  2. Medium-small batches from 250 ml up to 5l.
  3. Medium batches from 5l up to 1000l.

They are more affordable, they are very easy to operate and anyone can quickly learn how to use them. However, they do need to be operated by someone whenever used and cannot handle larger volumes of operation. They generally have less filling heads and can fill fewer containers.

Automatic liquid filling machines

There are several automatic liquid filling machines including rotary, mono-block, flowmeter, and linear machines with multiple head fillings. With automatic fillers, one of the benefits is that you have space for adding more heads in case your production needs to increase. They can be used for larger volumes of work.

On the other hand, they are also more expensive. Also, the lead-times are longer. Additionally, their operation costs are slightly higher.


When you are choosing between these two types, it is essential to analyze your needs thoroughly. Consider if you have someone to operate the machine. Also, see if you can utilize it to the fullest extent.

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