Essential Equipment for Shooting an Indie Film

If you want to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and professional result when filming an indie film, you will need to get your hands on at least some equipment. Here is a list of the most essential equipment you will need to shoot an indie film.


Yes, most modern smartphones are equipped with high-quality cameras, but it is not enough to shoot a high-quality video. Especially because every shooting location is specific as it presents unique challenges. We are aware that filmmaking cameras are very expensive. But buying one is not the only option you have.

To cut down expenses and maintain your indie film budget, you can rent a filmmaking camera. For instance, camera rental Chicago services have become quite popular today. Find the camera that you need and rent it for as long as you need it.

Video Editing Software

While it is not a piece of equipment perse, video editing software is a must-have tool in your indie filmmaking toolkit. Why it is so much important? Because once you are done recording the sound and the footage, you will need to stitch it together in post-production. And, for this, you will have to use video editing software.

Fortunately for you, the software market is flooded with all kinds of solutions. This will help you get good software for the fraction of the price. There are even several freeware solutions that can help you significantly cut down post-production costs.

Extra Batteries and Storage

If you want to keep progressing smoothly and be efficient at filmmaking, you will need extra batteries and storage. Shooting in urban areas is great because you will have access to the power grid. But these are an absolute necessity if you are shooting on remote locations.

While these are the essential equipment pieces, there is a lot more to it if you want to become a pro at indie filmmaking.

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