How To Combine Mid-Century Modern And Rustic Décor?

During the 1930s and 1940s perhaps designers imagined for the first time any mid-century modern homes. Most probably, they did not picture their design sitting comfortably inside a log cabin or any rustic space. However, in today’s world, we can artfully bring together many different styles flawlessly.

There are unexpected styles that may look amazing when they are:

  • Rustic
  • Mid-century modern.

Although you can now easily marry both these styles in whatever way you may like. Let us share a few examples where designers have actually mastered the art of mixing mid-century with rustic.

1. Mix rustic woods with mod light fixture

You will find plenty of chandelier blogs on the website of  Sofary, the well-known supplier of the chandelier, where you can find modern bubble chandelier has been used in a kitchen with traditional woods with a rustic style. However, plenty of modern kitchen appliances also have been used.

2. Combine any mid-century artwork with comfortable pieces

Plenty of mid-century artwork can be obtained like:

  • Brutalist pieces
  • Classic paintings
  • String art

All these vintage artwork pairs quite well with many of the rustic elements found in the room, e.g.

  • Cow skull
  • Warm woods.
  • Brick fireplace

3. Make it cozy

While picturing mid-century homes, people may envision metallic materials or some uncomfortable furniture. However, when mid-century is brought together with any rustic accents, it can be very relaxed and comfy.

4. Select a space-age fireplace

Surely a mid-century fireplace can also find a home within a certain rustic cabin. You may either search on the flea markets and also in salvage yards for all such galactic fireplaces, or it is also possible to get it custom-made.

5. Implement design motifs of mid-century into rustic materials

While choosing any mid-century appearance for your kitchen, it is not necessary to go with any mid-century materials. If you want to get a rustic feel, then pick any warm, familiar materials, then mold them into certain mid-century features for the kitchen.

6. Combine natural textures with clean lines

Most of the mid-century décor may have clean, and non-fussy lines as the main feature. You may combine this appearance with any natural textures e.g. exposed wood, natural stone, or woven grass.

As an example, a coffee table that is made of any exposed wood can have clean lines with slightly rounded edges.

7. Incorporate wood in your design

In your room, you can make your mid-century style, which will be the dominant look, however, you can use wood as your focal point. Any wood generally has a very natural appearance that adds to your rustic feel in any mid-century room.

As an example, having any wooden floor will be enough to include a rustic feel in the mid-century living room.

8. Use earthy or neutral  colors

Any mid-century style may use plenty of bold or dark colors, e.g. gold, coral, turquoise, sky blue, and maroon. Bring a little more rustic feeling by using a little more neutral colors.

White walls with tan, black, beige, and white tones can take a look of a mid-century room more down-to-earth.

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