Misaligned Teeth and Dental Retainers in Winnipeg

Crooked teeth affect many people, including teenagers and adults alike. But the question is: What causes many people to have crooked teeth in Winnipeg? Crooked teeth can be corrected and aligned correctly, thanks to numerous orthodontic treatment methods available today.

What causes crooked teeth?

There are a number of reasons why teeth become crooked at different phases of an individual’s life. Below we explore some of the common causes of crooked teeth:

i. Genetics

Your genetics influence your possibilities of inheriting crooked/misaligned jaws or teeth. Therefore, if your parents experienced misaligned teeth, there is a high probability that you will have crooked teeth too. When you have a smaller jaw, it significantly increases the chances of teeth crowding because of the lack of space.

ii. Dental Restorations

Dental restorations that do not fit properly such as bridges and crowns occasionally exert pressure on teeth, which eventually causes them to shift. The restorations also have an effect on the way you bite. If you begin to experience problems due to dental restorations, you should immediately consult your dentist.

iii. Injury

The force of an impact to your face or jaws can potentially cause teeth movement and misalignment. The trauma might also affect your gums, as well, which consequently causes shifting of your teeth. To lower the risk of trauma to teeth, patients should always get customized mouth guards when playing contact sports like rugby and hockey.

iv. Gum Disease

Any issues affecting your gums, including disease and injury, eventually affect your teeth. When you suffer from any kind of gum disease, your teeth might end up becoming loose, which causes misalignment or crooked teeth in Winnipeg and affects your bite, as well.

v. Ageing

Ageing also causes teeth to change their position. As you age, you are likely to notice your teeth drifting forward. As a result, they become overcrowded. Even though wisdom teeth are often blamed for this problem, the real culprit is the jawbone because it tends to lose its density and its shape changes over time. This causes teeth to crowd more at the front.

Retainers in Winnipeg

When are retainers recommended as opposed to dental braces?

In some situations, retainers may be recommended instead of dental braces. The retainers make a perfect substitute for dental braces, especially in instances where the problem is minor. For instance, if the issue affects just two teeth, then retainers in Winnipeg come in handy. If one of your teeth is out of place, then a retainer will provide highly effective benefits. The same device applies in instances where a gap appears between two teeth. For permanent results, patients might have to wear retainers for many years.

The retainer is a great device used popularly by orthodontists to make minor shifts that essentially help to keep teeth straight. Furthermore, it can be used to catch moving teeth before the changes become noticeable. Therefore, your dentist will recommend wearing retainers in Winnipeg on a regular basis to catch the teeth movement at the early stages. Consequently, when your retainer begins to feel tighter, you should resort to wearing it more often.

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