Unprecedented number of MOTs to hit workshops from March

Motor dealers are being called on to get ready as bumper numbers of car owners are expected to demand MOTs.

The influx comes as a consequence of the mammoth sales period experienced in the new car market during 2016. This was when the sector experienced its highest ever sales of 2,692,786 vehicles.

Be prepared for MOT demand

Just as it is important for dealers to choose the right motor trade insurance for their business, it is also vital that they take the proper steps to secure work – and this means being prepared for this year’s expected MOT boom.

Coachworks Consulting managing director Karl Davis says the current period marks a unique opportunity for dealers to retain the customers that they sold bumper numbers of vehicles to in 2016.

In a similar vein to the way in which dealers should leave enough time to source the right motor trade insurance, Davis recommends that dealers contact customers about first MOTs as soon as possible, rather than simply waiting for the date the test is due. This is to prevent customers from defecting to independent garages and fast fits.

Coachworks believes that franchised dealers could benefit from the MOT boom to the tune of around 50 additional tests each month in the next 12 months, offering a major business opportunity on the back of the 2016 new car boom. Read more about what happened three years ago at https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38516247.

Get in early to retain customers

Many dealers will have set up customer reminders but Davis thinks that careful management will still be required to deal with the record number of MOT requests. The first of the influx is due in March as March 2016 saw 518,707 new cars being registered.

Plate-change month is always busy in workshops but this year is likely to see exceptional demand, meaning that Davis is recommending that dealers start offering MOTs that are due in March at the start of February.

Dealers are also being urged to make clear the benefits of taking advantage of an early MOT to customers, especially when their vehicles are still under warranty, and to offer to check for the likes of software updates. Davis believes that this will enable workshops to maximise the potential of the MOT boom for their businesses and retain customers by offering an excellent workshop experience.

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