Everything You Want to Know About the Evolution of The Tote Bag

The tote bag is a remarkable blend of utilitarianism and beauty. It has become a common way to show feminineness. This is a great way to replace plastic and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Some wear it in the form of a fashion accessory that fulfils expectations related to aesthetics, and comfort.

In this article, we will learn about the history and evolution of the tote bag that made them so popular.

The beginning of Tote Bags

The development of tote bags started back in the seventeenth century. Men and women of all those times are seen carrying satchels and textile pouches to carry their belongings. Leather, vegetal fibers, and cloth were the commonly used items to create these beneficial bags.

The bags that were used at that time were different from the ones that are used today. They were in the form of a “sack” to carry the stuff. Custom Earth Promos is the one-stop-shop to buy eco-friendly and durable custom tote bags at an economical price.  These bags are made using natural materials such as jute, bamboo, and organic cotton.

The Age of Utilitarianism

The appearance of the tote kept changing between the 17th to the 19th Century. The 1940s is seen to be the iconic period in the evolution of the tote bag. The popular brand was introduced in 1944.

These bags have the easily identifiable, mythological, bulky, boxlike, canvas ice bag. This bag was a large-sized, robust, strong canvas bag that was meant to move ice between the freezer and the car. Later, people thought that they could use this bag for several more things than just transporting ice between places.

Bean’s bag was resilient to wear and tear and versatile. It became hugely popular and a utility in those days. In the 1950s, households started using these bags to carry their groceries. They became a part of the household chores.

The Age of Unison of Function and Fashion

In the 1960s, tote bags became the fashion icon among people. They were introduced with several functions and in a fresher and more feminine shape (purse shape). Their design featured a perfect mix of fashion and style that was successful in pleasing the crowd instantly.

The sturdy and stylish denim material was used in manufacturing these bags. This made them ideal for tasks that involved lifting heavy objects or for fashion runways. There were seen improvement in its color scheme, pattern, print, shape, size, and features like zippers, etc. Every year new changes in the design were introduced.

With all these advancements, cultural and fashionable changes, the tote bags became more and more visible on the streets.  They became a “must-have” bag for all those who were in search of craft, comfort, utility, beauty, and design.


Tote bags look elegant, simple, useful, versatile, and fun. The tote bag has developed over the several years that have made them popular from the start to its present days. Available in several colors, and styles, a tote bag can be customized in plenty of ways.

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